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Hing Powder | 100% Raw, Non-GMO, Natural, Non-Irradiated & Unprocessed

Hing Powder | 100% Raw, Non-GMO, Natural, Non-Irradiated & Unprocessed

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Discover the unique flavour and aroma of our 100% natural Hing Powder. Crafted from the dried latex of the Ferula asafoetida plant, this seasoning is perfect for adding a strong, pungent flavour to your savoury Indian dishes. Experience the unique taste of Hing Powder - a culinary experience like no other. Our powder contains no additives or flavouring and is made with the finest quality Asafoetida resin, providing a range of health benefits such as improved digestion and antioxidative properties. Liberate your baby with instant relief from gastric discomfort by massaging it around their navels. 

  • Proudly hand-crafted with love from Rajasthan
  • 8-10 times stronger than most compound hing powder.
  • No chemicals, fillers, binders or preservatives. 
  • Naturally Gluten-Free and Vegan.
  • Farm-Fresh freshness sealed in Air-tight virgin Glass Jars.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Natural Hing Powder
Gross Weight: 70 gm
Net Weight: 20 gm
Freshness Sealed For: 24 months

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  • Created with Love from Villages in Rajasthan.

  • Best for Mothers and growing Children.

  • Delivered to you in 48 hours in Delhi-NCR and 90 hours elsewhere.

  • Refer your friend and you both would get Rs. 300 OFF.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Yash Singh

The freshness of these spices is remarkable, as if they were harvested just yesterday.

Priya Sharma

Finally, a collection of spices that are truly raw, natural, and unprocessed, offering a distinct taste in every dish.

Anvi Patel

These spices have earned a permanent place in my pantry, essential for every meal.

Aarav Singh

Beautifully designed packaging reflects the care invested in every aspect of production.

Aarohi Sharma

Traditional stone-grinding methods preserve the integrity of these spices, honoring culinary heritage.