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Unrefined Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil | Cold-Pressed | Glass Bottle | Highest Pungency | Nothing Added or Extracted |

Unrefined Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil | Cold-Pressed | Glass Bottle | Highest Pungency | Nothing Added or Extracted |

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Experience indulgence with our luxurious Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil. This premium oil is extracted through the method of cold pressing at temperatures below 45 degree Celsius, without any added or extracted substances. Boasting exceptional oxidative stability and a remarkable smoke point of 232°C, its nourishing properties will leave you feeling light and satisfied. Harvested by sun-drying and cold-pressing at temperatures below 45 degrees Celsius, it preserves its unique Flavor & Aroma and phenolic compounds, renowned for their potent bioactive effects. Each batch is scrupulously tested in the lab to ensure the utmost quality, and contains no preservatives, flavors, colors, or chemicals. Perfect for elevating food and salads with its delightful nutty taste. This exquisite oil is sourced from the fertile groundnut farms of Gujarat, adding an extra touch of luxury to your culinary experience.

  • Proudly hand-crafted with love from villages near Gujarat 
  • No Chemicals, Colours, Flavors, Binders, Additives or Preservatives.
  • Nothing Added or Extracted
  • Farm-Fresh flavor locked in Air-tight Virgin Glass Bottles.

Ingredients: Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil (100%)
Flavor locked for: 12 months

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  • Created with Love from Villages in Gujarat.

  • Best for Mothers and growing Children.

  • Delivered to you in 48 hours in Delhi-NCR and 90 hours elsewhere.

  • Refer your friend and you both would get Rs. 300 OFF.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Rohan Shah

I've never been so passionate about a cooking oil before. Extra virgin wood pressed oil has won me over completely.

Divya Chatterjee

I've experimented with various oils in my cooking, but none compare to the superior taste of this extra virgin wood pressed oil.

Sneha Sharma

I can't imagine cooking without this oil now. It's become an essential part of my culinary repertoire.

Kavita Patel

I've been using this oil for a while now, and I'm consistently impressed by its quality and flavor.

Rahul Malhotra

The purity of this oil sets it apart from the rest. You can taste the difference with every bite.